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Emmett Tinley

Emmett-Tinley-Album-hoes-WEB.jpgSecond solo album of Emmett Tinley, release October 24th in Benelux.

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Takes a long time to heal
Wherever you are
Marvellous day
In my life
Sooner or later
Nothing in between
Same bright heaven
I want to receive you
Floating out
Here comes the morning

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The_Prayer_Boat-_Polichinelle.jpgPolichinelle 10th Anniversary BENELUX EDITION features 5 bonus songs! It has also been remastered and contains additional sleeve notes.


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  1. Polichinelle
  2. Saved
  3. It Hurts To Lose You
  4. Dead Flowers
  5. Balance
  6. Soon The Stars Will Steer Me
  7. Dark Green
  8. Paralysed
  9. In My Arms Again
  10. Was This Love
  11. Glorify (Benelux Only)
  12. Just You Against Me Now (Benelux Only)
  13. I Carry This Secret In Me (Benelux Only)
  14. Come To Life (Benelux Only)
Mass Market Recordings

Attic Faith

"Up there with the albums of Rufus Wainwright or Jeff Buckley, this is easily Tinley's best work. Truly sublime." Irish Times

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